Donate Milk

Hospital intensive care units throughout Wisconsin & Illinois
thrive on donated milk. Your donation can help feed
the tiniest members of the community.

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Become a Milk Donor

Milk Donor Process

Thank you for you interest in donating your precious milk to premature & ill babies in the region.

We ask that donors have at least 100 ounces of milk to donate and are willing to obtain a free blood test.

The first step is to complete a donor interest form.

The approval process takes about 3 weeks.

Donor Requirements

Milk donors are healthy, lactating women who have extra milk and want to help other babies in need. Donors are expected to:

  • Donate at least 100 ounces at your first drop-off
    • There is no minimum for future donations, and we appreciate every drop!
  • Follow our milk donation guidelines.
  • Maintain contact with the Milk Bank to report medications and household illnesses.
  • Drop off milk at a convenient Milk Depot, or work with us to arrange for shipping.
  • Keep milk frozen at home and during transport.

We are so grateful to you for considering milk donation, as we know how much time and energy pumping requires. Your contribution truly makes a difference for families throughout Wisconsin and Illinois!

All the Details About Milk Donation

To learn more about the milk donation process, Click Here.

Wanna Talk?

If you have any questions about Mothers’ Milk Bank of the Western Great Lakes and our operations, please complete the form or reach out to us directly at the number and email address below.

Contact us at 847-262-5134 or