Donate Milk

Thank you for saving tiny lives with the gift of donor milk!

Screening Process

Complete the online donor interest form or call 847-262-5134 and speak with one of our staff members.
After an initial screening, we will provide you with the complete donor application.
Complete the application and return it to Milk Bank WGL via email, fax, or mail.
We will review the information and contact your medical providers.
Milk Bank WGL will arrange for blood testing at no cost to you.
Look for an email with your Donor Number!!
Our goal is to make the screening process as convenient as possible for our Donor Moms.
After you receive your donor number, make arrangements to drop off your milk at the closest milk depot in Illinois or Wisconsin or contact us for other shipping/transport options.
The screening process takes approximately 2-3 weeks to complete.

Donor Requirements

Milk donors are healthy lactating women who have extra milk and want to help other babies in need. Milk donors:
  • Plan to donate at least 100 ounces to the milk bank
  • Store milk in clean, food grade containers
  • Donate milk that has been stored for less than 1 year in a deep freezer or 6 months in a standard freezer
  • Donate milk that was pumped before their baby's second birthday
  • Contact the milk bank if there are any changes in health status or when taking new medications

Donating After a Loss

Some mothers choose to donate their baby's milk after a loss. These mothers expressed that they wanted to share their baby's milk with other babies in need. They also explained that it was too hard to discard their baby's milk and they wanted to make meaning from their pumping experience. If you would like to donate milk in your baby's honor, please understand that we will accept any and all of this milk. There is no minimum donation amount and we will accept your milk, even if you take medications. You may also choose to participate in "Poppy's Dream" and a star engraved with your child's name and birth date will be added to the beautiful night sky in our milk bank lobby.

Questions? Call 847-262-5134 or e-mail

Lisa and Melinda

Lisa donated 1,200 ounces of milk in Melinda's honor