Order Donor Milk


Most of the donor milk that is distributed by HMBANA milk banks goes to premature or sick infants in the hospital setting.

To order milk,email or fax an order form to the milk bank and milk is shipped overnight.

NICU Toolkit

Our NICU toolkit contains milk bank forms, sample guidelines, and a donor milk literature review.

If you would like a NICU toolkit or would like to order pasteurized donor human milk for your NICU or pediatric unit,
contact our Executive Director, Summer Kelly at 847-262-5134 or summer@milkbankwgl.org

Babies and Children at Home

Preemie receiving donor milk g

Premature baby receiving donor milk

Donor milk may be used for many reasons outside of the hospital setting. We require a prescription to dispense outpatient milk to babies and children at home. If your child has a medical need for donor milk, please contact our Outreach Coordinator, Susan Urbanski, at 847-262-5134 or susan@milkbankwgl.org

Outpatient Payment

If your outpatient request has been approved, please make payments here: