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The Mothers’ Milk Bank of the Western Great Lakes provides pasteurized donor human milk to premature and critically ill babies, supports moms who donate milk after loss, and distributes reduced cost or free donor milk to chronically ill middle and low income children.

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Whether you’re looking to learn more about donating or obtaining life-saving donor milk, or interested in starting the conversation about working with our devoted, talented team, we’re eager to hear from you. Take the next step and contact us now.

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Donor & Recipient Stories

Casey’s Donor Story

October 27th, 2020|

I don't know if it is much of a story, but when I had my first child 7 years ago, I heard about women donating breast milk and was intrigued.  I looked into it at that time, but never took it too seriously as I was a new mom and obviously new to breastfeeding.  I was nervous enough about producing

Giving Back – from Recipient to Donor

October 7th, 2020|

Liz Kiley Recipient (Clayton) and Donor (Liz) Milk Story  I am a proud aunt to five extraordinary nieces and nephews and I have been an elementary school teacher for 14 years. It’s safe to say that kids play a huge role in my life. From early on in our relationship, my husband, Brian, and I prayed that we would have

Mateo’s Recipient Story

September 14th, 2020|

I am a doula, a social worker, and a strong, well-educated woman; but despite all of my knowledge, when my son was admitted to the NICU, I was scared. He wasn’t due to arrive until the end of October, but Mateo made his surprise entrance on 09/30/19. I was getting ready to head in to work when I felt something

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