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Join the Milk Bank Challenge

Our friends at ConceiveAbilities are supporting milk banks across the country with the #MilkBankChallenge. Anyone becoming a milk donor can receive a $250 gift card in appreciation for their efforts. The goal? 1,000,000 ounces of donated breast milk. ConceiveAbilities wanted to lend a hand to the milk banks across the country working tirelessly for the babies and the families that are in such great need for this milk. The infant formula shortage, which started in 2022, is unfortunately not over and your support is still needed.

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Get Started

  • Become a donor by completing the Donor Interest Form.

  • Make your first donation by dropping off your milk at a nearby milk depot.

  • After Milk Bank WGL has received your donation at our processing facility, you will receive a confirmation email from us. Typical timeline of receiving milk at our processing facility is about 2 weeks.

  • Click this link to learn more about the #MilkBankChallenge and how to claim your $250 gift card.¬†Then, follow the instructions to forward your Milk Bank WGL donation confirmation email to ConceiveAbilities. Please include¬†an estimate of how many ounces you dropped off at your most recent donation.

Learn How to Become a Surrogate

Are you a woman who enjoyed a healthy and successful pregnancy? Do you have friends or family who have suffered from infertility or need assistance from someone else to build their family? Have you ever considered the role you could play in helping someone else build their family – as a surrogate? Learn more about the process of helping someone else’s dream of building a family come true.

Wanna Talk?

If you have any questions about Mothers’ Milk Bank of the Western Great Lakes and our operations, please reach out to us at the number and email address below.

Contact us at 847-262-5134 or info@milkbankwgl.org.