Baby formula shortage: Mothers Milk Bank helps families in need

May 17, 2022


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Many parents who rely on formula to feed their babies are struggling right now because there is a lack of supply. But there is an option for those in need.

“We are hearing the anxiety in their voices when they’re calling us,” said Summer Kelly, Executive Director, of the Mothers’ Milk Bank of the Western Great Lakes, which supports those in need.

Lactation Consultant Molly Peterson helps families meet their feeding goals.

“We are seeing more and more families request donor milk just because they are limited in their options,” Peterson said.

Molly Peterson

With the national baby formula shortage, it could be weeks or even months before stores are restocked.

Peterson said mothers’ breast milk from depots are a safe, short-term solution.

“It’s life-saving; it’s liquid gold,” Peterson said.

Summer Kelly said the substitute is safe and vetted.

“Pasteurized donor human milk is safe. It’s tested. It’s pasteurized – that kills all the bacteria and viruses,” Kelly said.

Summer Kelly

Kelly said staff is seeing a 20% increase in families reaching out for milk – and also those wanting to donate.

“They’re working around the clock through this formula crisis,” Kelly said.

Peterson said the supplemental option comes with benefits.

“The quality of the milk is tailored to meet their nutritional need. It really has all sort of immune factors and antibodies,” Peterson said.

The donated breast milk is typically $4 an ounce. It is now filling the gap and bellies.

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