New donor milk dispensary opens in DeKalb County

August 2, 2022


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(WBBM NEWSRADIO) — It’s World Breastfeeding Week, and the DuPage County Health Department (DCHD) is increasing access to local breast milk donors.

The DCHD announced Monday that it is partnering with Mother’s Milk Bank of the Western Great Lakes to open five new donation depots.

The donations will then be processed at the milk bank’s facility in Elk Grove Village, where it will be pasteurized, tested, and distributed primarily to hospitals.

Officials said opening the five breast milk depots will support the county’s goal of “creating breastfeeding-friendly environments and increase local access to donors.”

“Donors will be able to drop off their milk conveniently and quickly,” said Amber Barnes, a registered nurse and Clinical Manager at Milk Bank of the Western Great Lakes. “The health department is a champion.”

Donations will only be accepted from those who go through a screening process with Milk Bank of the Western Great Lakes.

According to the press release, anyone interested in donating at one of the new DuPage County milk depots can find more information at the DCHD website.

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