I am the mom of four kids and I proudly breastfed all of them. Almost five years after giving birth to my twins, who both had a short stay in the NICU, I had the honor of helping two of my friends grow their family by being their surrogate. I carried their baby boy and gave him a safe place to grow until it was time to meet his dads and big sister.

Towards the end of our surrogacy journey, I began looking into breastmilk donation. After some research, I discovered Milk Bank WGL and I contacted them immediately to see how the donation process works. Although my situation was different than most of their donors, I was very grateful that I still qualified to be a candidate and could venture on this next journey.

Donating to Milk Bank WGL was such an amazing and rewarding experience. Knowing that I was able to help so many babies who needed milk to help them grow and thrive made me so happy.

While my twins were in the NICU, their nurses always said how important breastmilk was, especially for NICU babies. That was something that has remained with me since then.  When I knew I had this incredible opportunity to give back to those in need, I jumped at the chance.  I am so grateful for the opportunity to have been a breastmilk donor.