When our son Eli was born, he ended up in the NICU. During the early times of his stay, I thought the stress and not being with my baby 24-7 would cause me to lose my supply. Luckily my supply increased from pumping and I was producing more than double what he needed. Eventually, due to medical complications, we had to reduce the amount of breast milk he was given. Because of the minimal volume he was allowed to have plus an oversupply, I was left with an abundance of milk. With all the support we’ve received from others I’ve tried to give back and had the honor to donate milk twice during my pumping journey. As a result of being a NICU mama and bonding with so many other mamas looking out for their babies, I built such a respect for this community. Our community is stronger together and I was blessed to find my part in it giving back to help babies like mine. I’m so grateful that I am able to help and put another mama’s worry at ease. Every little bit matters and I’m so blessed to be able to give back not only once, but twice ❤️