With my first son, I stumbled across the Milk Bank WGL when trying to figure out what to do with the extra milk I was able to pump once returning to work. With my second son, I learned about local informal milk sharing networks and shared with several families there. However, my third son had a rougher start and spent time in the NICU; while there, he received donor milk (from Milk Bank WGL donors!) for a number of days before I was able to pump enough to give him.
I was so very grateful for the generosity of others whose gifts ensured that he was well-fed and able to overcome his medical obstacles. During those days, there was no doubt in my mind that, if I again had extra milk, I’d be donating to Milk Bank WGL to pass on the gift and help other families have some of the peace of mind that my family experienced thanks to our anonymous donors. I will always be thankful that this organization exists to help babies have healthier starts and to connect donors with those most in need of our milk.