MT. VERNON, IL — The opening of a new milk depot at the Jefferson County Health Department this past Monday will help provide milk to mothers who cannot produce for their babies. House Bill 3509 gave consistency throughout the insurance and Medicaid programs when it comes to donor milk reimbursement for premature as well as sick infants. Now the fruits of that law will be seen in the Mt. Vernon community.

Hannah Howell is a Southern Illinois Education Specialist with Mothers’ Milk Bank of the Western Great Lakes. She says outside of insurance helping to reduce the cost burden on mothers, the non-profit uses other programs to help get milk to babies.

Mothers with low milk supply, illness, taking certain medications, or having a child through adoptions or surrogacy may seek such resources. Howell says donations that are sent to the milk bank, where they are then pasteurized to eliminate potential viruses and/or bacteria. The milk is tested again before it is sent to hospitals.

Mother’s in need can find more information at or by contacting the Jefferson County Health Department.

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