Sammy was admitted to the NICU at 4 days old with jaundice. He was given donor milk while in the NICU. Although his stay was relatively brief, experiencing the NICU was extremely formative for our family. We were immensely grateful to have the option of donor milk. When Sammy got home, he would no longer latch, despite our best efforts working with a lactation consultant. I made the decision to exclusively pump and bottle feed him breast milk. Although this was not how we thought our breastfeeding journey would go, the silver lining of this has been the ability to donate my oversupply to Milk Bank WGL! Sammy is about 3.5 months old and we’ve already been able to donate ~600 oz, with plans to continue. It feels like this is something Sammy and I are doing together, to help other babies and families like we were helped, which is awesome!